Gladys McDonald School C.A.R.E.S.

It is important that students are recognized for their excellence, attributes and contributions to the school and it’s community. The staff at GMS would like to introduce and honour our students with monthly CARES awards because “McDonald CARES”.  Each month teachers will recognize deserving students and they will be honoured at our assembly with a certificate and special gift.  We invite parents and guest to join in our monthly celebrations.  


Please click here to check out monthly calendar for C.A.R.E.S. assembly dates.

New Registrations

CLICK HERE to download a poster regarding how to register your student with us over the summer.


* Elementary school registrations will be accepted in July and August at the Regina Public School Division Office located at 1600-4th Avenue. Please see website for details at

* You can register directly at Gladys McDonald School over the week of August 27-31. Please note the following times that registration is open and closed.

MOVING? Please contact the school as soon as possible. This helps keep our class numbers accurate and prevents reshuffling in the fall.