Hip Hop Hoop Dancing

On November 8th, we are excited to announce that the OSAC production “Hip Hop Hoop Dance” will be coming to Gladys McDonald for a special performance!

"Hip Hop Hoop Dance" is led by professional artists Terrance Littletent and Chancz Perry. Terrance is a Grass Dancer and world renowned Hoop Dancer, while Chancz specializes in Contemporary Dance and Movement Forms. During this program, the artists will celebrate the similarities between their two cultures. They will speak about their own journeys as artists, and discuss the influence their cultural backgrounds have had on their dance careers. Students will develop an understanding of Hoop Dance, Grass Dance, and Hip Hop through storytelling, demonstrations, and practicing basic steps. Chancz and Terrance will model how artists work together in the performing arts, and inspire students to create their own collaborative choreographies.

We are asking that each student brings $1.00 to help cover the cost. 

Click here to watch a promotional video of their performance!


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Fright Night

The SCC invites you to join us!

Wednesday, Oct. 24th from 6 - 8 pm for Fright Night!

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Gladys McDonald School C.A.R.E.S.

It is important that students are recognized for their excellence, attributes and contributions to the school and it’s community. The staff at GMS would like to introduce and honour our students with monthly CARES awards because “McDonald CARES”.  Each month teachers will recognize deserving students and they will be honoured at our assembly with a certificate and special gift.  We invite parents and guest to join in our monthly celebrations.  


Please click here to check out monthly calendar for C.A.R.E.S. assembly dates.