Dismissal Procedures for Elementary Schools

SEPTEMBER 17, 2020—With almost one week of classes for all students completed, we are grateful for school family cooperation that has helped make student school experiences safe and positive.

As we proceed into the school year, we are refining our school-based procedures, including how we release students at the end of the school day. Although we initially communicated that we required parent permission to release students at 3:22 p.m., this is no longer the case.

In order to minimize students congregating on school grounds, we are allowing students to leave the school property at 3:22 p.m.; however, supervision will be provided until 3:37 p.m. for those students who choose to stay.

This change does not affect students who are transported by bus or light vehicle. 

Please ensure that your children have clear direction from you regarding your family’s after-school plan.  Thanks in advance to all school families for their ongoing support and cooperation.

School Re-Opening Plan Announced

August 4, 2020 -- Regina Public Schools has just released the Fall 2020 School Re-Opening Plan. Based on the Government of Saskatchewan and Response Planning Team guidelines, the Plan can be reviewed here.

Parents, Guardians and Students please read this letter relating to the Plan from Greg Enion, Director of Education.

You can also review material shared by the Government of Saskatchewan. The news release is here and a related brochure can be found here.

Strategy to Reduce Virus Spread

August 28, 2020 -- Regina Public Schools is implementing a three-part strategy to reduce the risk of COVID-19, as well as other viruses, including colds and flu, as students return to school and the colder fall and winter weather sets in. The strategy focuses on face masks, cleaning and increased, filtered ventilation.

Mask Use

The first part of this strategy will include the use of face masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE), as required for staff and students. Cloth face masks will be required for all Grades 4-12 students and recommended for students in the younger grades. All students being transported will be required to wear masks. While exemptions are possible, the objective of the mask wearing is to keep everyone safe in schools. Compliance will be appreciated. Guests to school division buildings will be limited and will also have to wear face masks. Students who do not have or forget their face masks will be able to obtain one from their school.

Enhanced Cleaning

All schools and school division buildings have ramped up their cleaning protocols. Facilities staff will be using new equipment to disinfect all surfaces. The equipment, which looks very much like a paint sprayer, will be used to dispense a fine mist over all surfaces. The product is called Vital Oxide, which kills viruses, including the coronavirus. Vital Oxide is safe to use around children and adults. It is non-toxic and not considered hazardous by OSHA Hazard Communication Standard 2012. Facilities staff have developed a disinfecting schedule for all school rooms, including high-use areas such as bathrooms. The disinfecting protocols will be in addition to the traditional routine of dusting and cleaning that is done at every school, every day.

Every classroom will have spray bottles with cleaners to spot clean as necessary, and school facility staff will always be on hand to complete more thorough cleaning of classrooms and other areas as needed

Students, staff and guests, upon entering every building, will also be asked to use hand sanitizer that will be at every school entrance and throughout school buildings. Frequent hand washing will also be recommended to all students.

Increased, Filtered Ventilation

Clean, fresh air has never been more important in all Regina Public schools. Beginning immediately, the fresh air intake in all schools and buildings has been increased to beyond industry standards to enhance ventilation and the flow of fresh air. Staff working in classrooms and offices with windows that open may open their windows. Staff considering opening their windows will continue to be mindful that some students and staff may suffer from seasonal allergies and other respiratory conditions worsened by outdoor air.

Regina Public Schools is investing in new purification systems for every school and building. By the end of September, new filter technology will be added to ventilation systems to complement the increased air flow. The filter technology is called bipolar ionization. It will:

    • Reduce particles and smoke in the air

    • Kill pathogens (bacteria, viruses, molds) including human influenza viruses, coronavirus and SARS

    • Help control allergens and asthma

Regina Public Schools’ three-part strategy is a long-term investment in the health and safety of students and staff. Schools’ localized strategies, including limiting the size of gatherings, keeping student cohorts together and limiting some activities and practices that could potentially spread the virus are the foundation of learning safely. Mask use, enhanced cleaning and increased, filtered ventilation will complement school- based safety strategies. All health and safety practices at Regina Public Schools are guided by direction from the Government of Saskatchewan and local and provincial public health authorities. Practices and procedures are subject to change according to school based experiences and government direction.

2020 Back to School Message

Welcome back to our students, staff and families.!

We hope that all of our students and families have had a restful and relaxing summer and that you've all stayed healthy. Our administrative team has been busy planning for our re-entry to school during this COVID-19 pandemic.

There are a number of things that we know you will have heard about our return to school; however, we wanted to share a few items in advance for the first day of school on SEPTEMBER 8th. Things may continue to change, so we invite you to check our website for further updates.  We will continue to follow the Ministry of Education and Saskatchewan Health guidelines to ensure we are doing all we can to keep everyone safe. Ensure you keep your family contact information and email addresses up to date to receive information.

We currently have 207 student registrations and our average class sizes vary between 20 and 29 students. This number currently includes families who may have moved away or who may have opted to enroll in Regina Public School's e-Learning program. We anticipate that physical distancing in the classroom will be difficult, therefore students in grades 4-8 and all staff will be required to wear non-medical masks. Regina Public Schools will provide your child with one reusable mask. We encourage each family to purchase more than one so that a freshly laundered one may be used daily. Students in PreKindergarten to grade 3 will be strongly encouraged to also wear masks. If you can assist us by familiarizing your child(ren) with their masks, this would be appreciated!

Our school does not have lockers for everyone, so students will be required to share lockers for coats and shoes.  We will attempt to have students with a consistent partner both for locker and classroom seating partners. During instructional times, students will remain in their classroom groups – or cohorts – for the day. Specialist teachers, administration, educational assistants, etc., will interact with the cohort in their space to avoid having the students move within the school. Staff members entering classrooms will be required to wash or use hand sanitizer prior to entry and as they leave the classroom.

Students who can go home for lunch are highly encouraged to do so. Those who must stay will eat in their room with the same cohort of students. The library and gym will be closed to start the year as we will avoid any shared spaces.

Students will not work in our hallways as we were accustomed to doing in the past.  We are increasing from 2 boot rooms to 4 entry/exit points. Teachers will pick up their classes from their designated outdoor meeting place upon entry to the school. Each class will then have the same set of doors that they will enter and exit from each morning, lunch and end of the day.

Parents will not be allowed on the playground or to intermingle with our students during school hours. Parents who want to pick up children are encouraged to choose a meeting location on the perimeter of the school grounds or off of the school grounds. We encourage

you to start practicing now where you will meet your child at the end of the day if you are picking them up. We are also strongly encouraging all students/families to Stride to School or to drop off students a few blocks away from school. This would help students be active and we can avoid congestion in our bus zone and on the streets. Additionally, for safety of students and staff who may be walking, the staff parking lot is not to be used as a drop off or pick up area.

Across Regina Public Schools, recesses have been moved to limit classroom transitions. A split recess will occur during lunch. Our new hours are:

8:53 - 9:08 am Morning Recess

9:08 - 11:45am Instructional Time

11:45 - 12:45pm Lunch - Students who go home are encouraged to return as close to 12:45pm as possible!

 Group A will have recess from 11:45 to 12:00pm

 Group B will have recess from 12:30 to 12:45pm

12:45 - 3:22pm Instructional Time

3:22 - 3:37pm Afternoon Recess/Dismissal


We also ask that students who are not transported by division buses/cabs plan to arrive as close to 9:08am as possible. At 3:22pm, students who have signed permission from their parents will be free to make their way home rather than stay for recess.  Permission forms will be sent home on the first day. These are both implemented to avoid overcrowding on the playground.

Students transported by bus/cab will receive their schedules from Regina Public Schools Transportation. Masks will be mandatory for all students riding the bus/cab.


Please note that NO PARENTS will be allowed to enter the school without an appointment. If an appointment is needed a mask must be worn. This includes daily drop off and pick up from school.


This year, more than ever, we will really be relying on a lot of extra home support to maintain a safe and organized environment.  Students will NOT be allowed to phone home for any thing they may have forgotten (lunch, mask, homework) so we STRONGLY encourage you to help your child stay organized and have everything ready for the day.


If you are interested in remote learning, please go to https://www.reginapublica/eschool. This is not the same as the supplemental learning we provided in March-June. This online learning will encompass the full curriculum with on-going assessment.

There will be more information to come, however, we wanted to share a few details to assist you and your students for the return to Gladys McDonald School! Thank you in advance for your continued support. Our staff cannot wait to welcome you back into our school!


Gladys McDonald School Team