New Registrations

CLICK HERE to download a poster regarding how to register your student with us over the summer.


* Elementary school registrations will be accepted in July and August at the Regina Public School Division Office located at 1600-4th Avenue. Please see website for details at

* You can register directly at Gladys McDonald School over the week of August 27-31. Please note the following times that registration is open and closed.

MOVING? Please contact the school as soon as possible. This helps keep our class numbers accurate and prevents reshuffling in the fall.

Social Media Awareness + Parenting the Digital World (September 26)

September 26, 2018
7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Campus Regina Public
1069 14th Avenue East

For parents of school-aged children

With society heading in a direction of being constantly connected to technology, what do we need to know as parents to protect our kids and teach them responsible and appropriate use of technology? The parameters of rules and expectations that you put in place at home will undoubtedly guide their behaviour in the years to come. Please join us for an informative presentation which will cover the following topics and more!


  • Social Media Update – The most current apps and trends in their social media lives
  • Pick Your Battles! – You will have to balance the yin with the yang, promote
  • independence whilst taking a strong stance on certain subjects
  • Current Research – Brain development and technology, violent video games
  • Digital Footprint and Reputation – With their future approaching, recruiters and employers are taking note – What will they find? What will they leave behind?
  • Tips & Tricks to Use at Home

PARENTS: Do not miss this free event!


Please email to RSVP and reserve your seat!

The Upcoming Week at Gladys McDonald School

The Upcoming Week at Gladys McDonald School

Monday, June 18 Day 4

-The Cree word of the day is a-ta-misk-a-wêw.  That is the Cree way to say Farewell.  a--ta-m-i-s-k-a-w-ê-w.  That is a word that we will be hearing more often in the next few weeks!

-Congratulations to all of our Grade 8 students to whom we will be saying Farewell this evening.  A reminder that our Farewell Ceremony is at 6:30, and doors open at 6:10.


Tuesday, June 19 Day 5

-The Cree word of the day is me-ta-wa-ke.  That is the Cree word for Play.  M-e-t-a-w-a-k-e.  There will be much me-ta-wa-ke this afternoon!

- Reading Buddies and Primary Collaboration has been cancelled for today.  J

-The Grade 4/5 classes will be going on an excursion to Rick Hansen Park today.  Have fun!

-Our Grades 7&8 students are headed to Outdoor School this afternoon.  Have a great time making memories! 

-This afternoon is our Kindergarten to Grade 3 Play Day!  It is clearly the best day of the year!


Wednesday, June 20 day 1

-The Cree words of the day this week are all on the theme of sight.  The Cree word of the day is mis-ki-sik.  That is the Cree word for eye.  M-i-s-k-i-s-i-k.  This is a poetic way of describing eyes, as the big heavens that hold visual reality. 

-Welcome Ms Morgan Reed who is here in the afternoon!


Thursday, June 21 Day 2

-The Cree words of the day is wa-pah-ta.  That is the Cree way to say to look at something.  W-a-p-a-h-t-a. 

-Our Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes are headed to the Sandra Schmirler pool this afternoon.  Make a splash!



Friday, June 22 Day 3

-The Cree word of the day is i-ta-pi-sin.  That is the Cree way to say that you have a view of something.  Personally I would like an i-ta-pi-sin of a beach right now!

-Today is the KFC Special lunch!  Make sure you say a big thank you to Ms Munro when you see her!

-Grade 2-8 swimming at the Wascana pool.  Make a splash!

-Ms Sotropa and Ms Maguire’s classes are headed to Candy Cane park today for a picnic.  Have fun!

-Frida, Kansys, and Joey, you are on announcements next week!  FOR THE LAST TIME!