``Striving for Excellence...No Excuses!"

``Together, we will strive for excellence in education and encourage a passion for learning."


The Gladys McDonald ACT Team hosted a very successful fundraiser. Our Bakesale brought in $268.00 which will be donated to the Red Cross to support their Respect Ed Anti-Bullying campaign. There were many Anti-Bullying lessons and critical conversations that took place throughout the week.

We are so proud of our students "Respectful Behaviours" on and off the playground. We will continue to focus on Respectful Behaviours online!


It is GO TIME!!

Meeting our Learning Improvement Plan goals means I will be puckering up to kiss a toad at our final assembly! EW!

Therefore, as we begin term 3 continue to light your learning on fire! Work to your best potential every day. Save excuses for those weak at heart and be the type of learner who strives for excellence at home and school every day! You are WORTH IT!

What should you do in Term 3?

1. Read with passion! Spread your love for books. While your reading ask yourself questions to help bring a deeper understanding of the text.

2. Plan for learning! Come to school ready, with a good sleep, a good breakfast and a great attitude.

3. Be open to learn new things and accept and embrace mistakes as being part of the process!

4.Ask a lot of questions; of yourself, your teachers, your parents and your peers.

5. Set Goals and work toward those every day!

Striving for Excellence...NO EXCUSES!

GMS STUDENTS...You have a whole team of adults who believe in you, care for you and are here to help you reach your best!



Attitude is what makes or breaks a day. Positivity reverberates through the halls at GMS!

Three Examples of Positivity Today:

1. Two students who were once struggling readers reached Grade Level Reading Today! HUGE CELEBRATION!!

2. A Grade 3 student who thought he hated math, came to share his love for math and his success with numbers!

3. A Grade 4 student, who at one time would have been upset about another Indoor Recess, shared that it isn't so bad when he is inside because he 'gets' to write funny stories with his friends! 

Positivity is Contagious...go out and spread this with the world my little leaders!


Family Literacy Day was a HUGE Success


“Knock On The Door For Literacy” brought many families to GMS to celebrate and enjoy reading, writing and word games.

The number of families that joined us on Monday is a testament to our communities commitment to learning excellence!! This year has been memorable and yesterday added to the glowing moments at GMS.


“Studies show beyond dispute that children's achievements in school improve with increased parent involvement in education.” (Henderson, 1998)

Thank you for being the most integral partner in your child’s learning journey!  



Our GMS Team Wishes You a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! BRING ON 2014!

GMS...Where the BEST keep getting BETTER...NO EXCUSES!!

Every new year brings about reflection, personal improvement and goal setting! We encourage our entire community to take time to set goals that involve your personal best!

We rise to the top when we set and act upon our goals...leave excuses for the weak at heart! 

LIVE BIGGER AND BRIGHTER than any limitation that you perceive has been set. Ulitmately we hope that our community will "BE THE CHANGE"! You have an entire school team behind you cheering each of you on. We are here to serve you; help us, help you to reach your goals!

2014 is going to be amazing...we ARE going to achieve the goals we have set as a school (Feel free to review these under the Learning Improvement Plan link). YES, this means I will be kissing a toad at the end of the year. ICK!!




Please visit us through Twitter at GMSRPS.

You will find updates, pictures and fun facts about school on a weekly basis!

We are so excited to be joining the Twitter Nation! Cool 

Below are some learning celebrations that you can read more about on Twitter. Daily 5 in K and our Elder visits have been huge highlights this week!


Learning Looks Like…WHAT? FUN at GMS

Check out this video of Grades 6 to 8 Practical and Applied Arts at GMS!


Shining a Spotlight on Success

The GMS team is excited to share the following footage. The Saskatchewan Ministry of Education has created a series of videos called Shining a Spotlight on Success. We were fortunate to be one of the schools they chose to highlight. We are humbled and honoured to be selected amongst the many outstanding elementary schools in our province.

Please watch as the GMS Team tells their story, highlighting the success stories of our students.

Click Here...

Help us build Readers and Leaders!!

 Our students are crazy about reading. I had a Gr 8 student pop by today for a visit to celebrate her growth in reading levels. She told me for the first time in her 8 years of school she actually loves reading and wants to be better!

At GMS this is no longer a surprise. The culture of learning excellence is key to our success.

All hands on deck we will continue to ignite the love for learning and develop will future leaders!

This month we are working on Activating Prior Knowledge. (Tapping into Background Knowledge.)

The best way to practice this at home with your child is to talk about the connections they are making to text. When readers make connections to the text their comprehension increases.

This is also called making connections. The 3 types of connections are:




Any time you spend talking to your child about books will be time well spent!

For more practice, visit this site with your child reading.ecb.org

GMS FUTURE LEADERS...WE WON $19, 342 to spend on TECHNOLOGY! Congrats!


WHEN YOU WANT SOMETHING, YOU GO FOR IT...NO EXCUSES!! Thanks to Future Shop we have learned that to be true!

The Cheque Ceremony Assembly was a moment that I will hold with me for a life time! The look on the faces of our students was absolutely priceless!! We are now looking forward to 'get our spend on' and 'make our learning come to life with new technology.'

AT GMS, our NO EXCUSES Motto has pushed our students and staff to become creative and innovative thinkers in order to conquer challenges. The following video started with a young future leader challenging me when I told him that we did not have funds to purchase iPads. He called me on this and said…”Mrs. Daelick, No Excuses. If you want it bad enough you will find a way!” He was correct. We had to find a way.

We explored options and decided to “Dream Big”. Future Shop had the answer to our call, they were advertising a Tech Grant where you could apply for up to $20,000 to enhance the technology in your school.  Our team went to work creating a proposal to demonstrate the ways in which we would use technology to impact student achievement.

Speaking to our students and staff was a great process, but to only write their thoughts seemed less than adequate to encapsulate the passion that our students & staff demonstrate for learning and for life! We decided to create a video that introduced our FUTURE LEADERS to Future Shop and to the world.





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