``Striving for Excellence...No Excuses!"

``Together, we will strive for excellence in education and encourage a passion for learning."

Farewell to my GMS Family

The 2013-2014 School Year has been one to remember! Our students worked with heart and determination and as a result they made great strides toward their future! As I pass the 'torch of learning excellence' to Ms. McPherson, I do so with a full heart and full confidence that the culture at GMS will remain one to be celebrated. 

Kissing the Frog...well, now that it is all over I can say, IT WAS WORTH IT! If it made a difference in the motivation of even one student I would do it all over again! 

If you missed the moment, here is the Leaderpost Coverage: http://www.leaderpost.com/technology/Pucker+principal/9978625/story.html


All the best to the students, community and staff. Put Your BEST Into Every Day...No Excuses! 
I will forever believe in you!




"For the Love of Learning" Coffeehouse

What happens when families, students and staff come together?


That is exactly what happened at GMS during our

"For the Love of Learning" Coffeehouse

Thanks to everyone who joined together for a night of learning celebration. The shared writing activities, writing displays, numeracy conversation area,

book swap, D5 rounds and the fine coffee, treats and jazz music were enjoyed by all!

We are convinced that we have the greatest, most supportive community!
#feeling blessed


WOW!! I am Beyond Proud of the GMS Students.

GMS TUBE was a true hit! I am sure I speak for all when I say it is a memory that will last a lifetime!

I want to once again thank our senior students...the stars of the show! Their hard work, witty humour, choreography, acting, singing, set design and impressive script writing abilities demostrated the multi-facted talent this group of students possess!   Here are a few highlights:





May News is Posted!

Check out our May Monthly Newsletter full of celebrations and upcoming events! You can find this under the Monthly News and Calendar link on the right hand side of our webpage.

Also, do not forget to take a look at the left bottom side of the website for Daily TWITTER Postings of exciting learning and adorable faces of GMS.

Finally, don't forget to invest time daily in making life a learning experience for your child! In no time at all, I am thinking I will be puckering up to kiss a toad in celebration of meeting our LIP goals!

The next 2 months will be AWESOME, MEMORABLE and FULL OF LEARNING....NO EXCUSES!

Go out and BE AWESOME!


The Gladys McDonald ACT Team hosted a very successful fundraiser. Our Bakesale brought in $268.00 which will be donated to the Red Cross to support their Respect Ed Anti-Bullying campaign. There were many Anti-Bullying lessons and critical conversations that took place throughout the week.

We are so proud of our students "Respectful Behaviours" on and off the playground. We will continue to focus on Respectful Behaviours online!


It is GO TIME!!

Meeting our Learning Improvement Plan goals means I will be puckering up to kiss a toad at our final assembly! EW!

Therefore, as we begin term 3 continue to light your learning on fire! Work to your best potential every day. Save excuses for those weak at heart and be the type of learner who strives for excellence at home and school every day! You are WORTH IT!

What should you do in Term 3?

1. Read with passion! Spread your love for books. While your reading ask yourself questions to help bring a deeper understanding of the text.

2. Plan for learning! Come to school ready, with a good sleep, a good breakfast and a great attitude.

3. Be open to learn new things and accept and embrace mistakes as being part of the process!

4.Ask a lot of questions; of yourself, your teachers, your parents and your peers.

5. Set Goals and work toward those every day!

Striving for Excellence...NO EXCUSES!

GMS STUDENTS...You have a whole team of adults who believe in you, care for you and are here to help you reach your best!



Attitude is what makes or breaks a day. Positivity reverberates through the halls at GMS!

Three Examples of Positivity Today:

1. Two students who were once struggling readers reached Grade Level Reading Today! HUGE CELEBRATION!!

2. A Grade 3 student who thought he hated math, came to share his love for math and his success with numbers!

3. A Grade 4 student, who at one time would have been upset about another Indoor Recess, shared that it isn't so bad when he is inside because he 'gets' to write funny stories with his friends! 

Positivity is Contagious...go out and spread this with the world my little leaders!


Family Literacy Day was a HUGE Success


“Knock On The Door For Literacy” brought many families to GMS to celebrate and enjoy reading, writing and word games.

The number of families that joined us on Monday is a testament to our communities commitment to learning excellence!! This year has been memorable and yesterday added to the glowing moments at GMS.


“Studies show beyond dispute that children's achievements in school improve with increased parent involvement in education.” (Henderson, 1998)

Thank you for being the most integral partner in your child’s learning journey!  



Our GMS Team Wishes You a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! BRING ON 2014!

GMS...Where the BEST keep getting BETTER...NO EXCUSES!!

Every new year brings about reflection, personal improvement and goal setting! We encourage our entire community to take time to set goals that involve your personal best!

We rise to the top when we set and act upon our goals...leave excuses for the weak at heart! 

LIVE BIGGER AND BRIGHTER than any limitation that you perceive has been set. Ulitmately we hope that our community will "BE THE CHANGE"! You have an entire school team behind you cheering each of you on. We are here to serve you; help us, help you to reach your goals!

2014 is going to be amazing...we ARE going to achieve the goals we have set as a school (Feel free to review these under the Learning Improvement Plan link). YES, this means I will be kissing a toad at the end of the year. ICK!!




Please visit us through Twitter at GMSRPS.

You will find updates, pictures and fun facts about school on a weekly basis!

We are so excited to be joining the Twitter Nation! Cool 

Below are some learning celebrations that you can read more about on Twitter. Daily 5 in K and our Elder visits have been huge highlights this week!


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