The Upcoming Week at GMS!

The Upcoming Week at Gladys McDonald School


Monday, October 23 Day 3

-In honour of FRIGHT NIGHT on Thursday, our Cree words of the day this week will all be Halloween based!  Our Cree word of the day today is mi-si-minis.  That word means pumpkin!  M-i-s-i-m-i-n-i-s.  That means pumpkin!  This is the time of year for pumpkins, which turn from green to Orange just like the fall leaves.

-It is Photo retake day!  This will be held in the Multipurpose room (room 2)

-There is a Boys Volleyball game at Ford after school  Go Scotties!

-Remember that Fright Night is on Thursday night!  Wear your costume, and bring your parents out!  Admission is $1 at the door.


Tuesday, October 24 Day 4

-Listen carefully as we have a contest for the classes!  Our Cree word of the day today is Ci-pay—Os-Ka-na.  That word means Skeleton!    C-i-p-a-y—O-s-K-a-n-a.  Ci-Pay-Os-Kana means Skeleton.  Can your class send one representative to WALK down to the office and tell us the answer why the Cree word for Skeleton sounds so much like a lake that we have in the middle of Regina?

-Tier 2 meeting 8:15

-It is Full band today.  Make Lovely music!

-There is Girls Volleyball game vs Laval here at GMS after school.  Go Scotties!

-Fright Night is Thursday night!  Come on out for a chance to play carnival games, throw a pie at your favourite staff member, and get creeped out by the haunted house.

-Boys Volleyball practice tomorrow morning at 7:45 am


Wednesday, October 25  Day 5

Our Cree word of the day today is Kas-kite—min-os.  That word means Black Cat!  K-a-s-k-i-t-e—m-i-n-o-s.  Kas-kite—min-os means Black Cat.

-Welcome back Mr Jeff!  He is here at 11:00 to kick off our cookie dough fundraiser!  Yumm!  Pour the milk!

-There is no Reading buddies nor Primary Collaboration this morning due to our assembly.

-There are Band Sectionals today

-There is a Boy’s Volleyball game after school at Argyle School.  Go Scotties!

-Remember that Fright Night is tomorrow evening!  Come out and have some fun!  Bring your cash too!  All proceeds will go to the Grade 7/8 outdoor school


Thursday, October 26 Day 1

Our Cree word of the day today Kos-tac-is-i-how-in!  That means costume in Cree.  K-o-s-t-a-c-i-s-i-h-o-w-i-n.  Kos-tac-is-i-how-in means costume in Cree.  Please wear your Kos-tac-is-i-how-in tonight!!  Because…

-FRIGHT NIGHT IS TONIGHT!!  The fun and games and creepiness starts at 6:00pm and ends at 8pm.  Admission is $1, and you must purchase tickets to play the carnival games.  All proceeds to the Grade 7/8 outdoor ed Spring trip.

-Senior Collaboration this afternoon


Friday, October 27 Day 2

-Our Cree word of the day today is Mas-kih-kis.  That word means candy! M-a-s-k-i-h-k-i-s . Mas-kih-kis means candy in Cree! 

-Thank you to all who came out to FRIGHT NIGHT last night! 

-Our SLC is headed to WE Day!  Thank you for being such wonderful representatives!

-Carys and Amelia, you are on announcements next week.

-Welcome Renee Stephan and Gary Halbert, visiting this afternoon