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This Week at Gladys McDonald School

Monday, December 12 Day 2

-Gym closed to set up for concert


Tuesday, December 13 Day 3

-Chairs and risers set up in gym

-Gym decorated


Wednesday, December 14 Day 4

-Fireside Festival rehearsal on stage all day

-7:00pm Band Winter concert at Thom.  Have a good concert, band students!


Thursday, December 15 Day 5

-Concert Dress rehearsal for students in the morning

-1:15 pm Concert performance.

-6:30 – Doors open.  All students should be in classrooms by 6:45.

-7:00pm – Fireside Festival concert! 

-Remember that tomorrow is Pyjama Day!


Friday, December 16 Day 1

-Its Pyjama Day!  It’s great to see so many bed heads!

-Grade 3 Junior Achievement presentation


-Afternoon: Grade 6/7/8 are going skating.  Have fun!

December Newsletter


This Week at Gladys McDonald School

This Week At Gladys McDonald School

Monday, December 5 Day 2

-Dental sealant program all week

-Fireside Festival ticket requests DUE – please turn in all requests to the office


Tuesday, December 6  Day 3

-Grade 4/5 skating in the afternoon – Have fun everyone!

-SCC – everyone welcome.


Wednesday, December 7 Day 4


Thursday, December 8 Day 5

-SLC meeting at noon

-noon – Improv

-remember that milk orders are due tomorrow


Friday, December 8 Day 1


-Milk orders are due – bring to the office.

Professional Development for Staff

Thank you to Bennett and Braeden for presenting to our teachers on Googe Ready & Write.




Thanks to our other special presenters, as well!


Thank you for your donation, Ackermans!

Thank you for your donation to GMS, Sharon & Jerry Ackerman!

Cookie Dough pick up day - Thursday, December 1, 1:00 -5:00pm

This Week at Gladys McDonald School

This Week at GMS

Monday, November 28 – Day 3

-Senior Collaboration

-Grade 6 Immunizations (morning)

-1:15  Grade 6/7/8 to William Booth Care home


Tuesday, November 29 –Day 4

-SLC at ACT event at Thom Collegiate


Wednesday, November 30 – Day 5

- 10:45 - Independence Assembly (Mr. Hart and Ms. Kerster’s class leading)

-noon – SLC meeting

-noon – Improv


Thursday, December 1 – Day 1

-1:00 – 5:00 – Cookie Dough pick up


Friday, December 2

-Professional Development Day

-No School for Students



Fireside Festival - December 15

GMS student leaders with Travis Price, co-founder of Pink Day.

This Week at Gladys McDonald School

Monday, November 21 Day 3

-Senior Collaboration


Tuesday, November 22 Day 4

-Grade 6/7/8 to Thom for Charlotte’s Web in the morning


Wednesday, November 23 Day 5

-Primary Collaboration

-noon – Improv


Thursday, November 24 Day 1

-afternoon – Grade 4/5 classes skating


Friday, November 25

Three Way conferences all day.

No regular school for students – students are to attend conferences with their parents

-Scholastic Book Sale all day



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