This Week at Gladys McDonald School

This Week At Gladys McDonald School

Monday, May 8Day 2

-Grade 7s are off Canoeing to Wascana Lake.  Make a splash, everyone!


Tuesday, May 9 Day 3


-Senior Collaboration

-5:30 – SCC Meeting


Wednesday, May 10 Day 4

-Gym closed all day, talent show rehearsal

-Full band at Thom


Thursday, May 11 Day 5

-Talent Show rehearsal in morning

-Band sectionals

-Primary Collaboration / Reading Buddies

-1:00 – Talent show!  Break a leg everyone!

-Grade 8 overnight Band trip


Friday, May 12 Day 1

-Strings Workshop Grade 1/2 Am

-Kindergarten Mother’s Day Spa Day


-Grade 4/5 Sinclair’s class to YMCA Rochdale