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May Newsletter and Calendar

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April 2013 Monthly Newsletter & Calendar

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March 2013 Newsletter & Calendar

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February 2013 Calendar & Newsletter

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New Reading Strategies

Using Beginning and Ending Sounds: When reading a word, using the sounds at the beginning of the word as well as at the end of the word.

Reinforcement of Beginning and Ending Sounds at home: make sure your child pays equal attention to the beginning letter or letters and slow down enough to look at and pay attention to the end of the word.

Cross Checking: ensuring the words make sense and match the letters on the page.  Once the word has been identified, spend time going over the movements to go with Cross Checking: "Does it (the word) look right" (cross their right arm over their body so the right hand touches the left shoulder.) "Does it sound right" (Left arm crosses over the body so the left hand touches their right shoulder.) "Does it make sense" (Both arms come down with hands pointing to the ground.)

Reinforcement of Cross Checking at home: when encountering a word that does not fit with the sentence, ask your child to stop to cross check.  If they have to stop at one of the kinesthetic motions, ask them to go back and re-read focusing on the beginning and ending sounds.  Then after the sentence is re-read, do cross checking again to ensure comprehension of the text.

Blend Sounds; Stretch and Reread: Taking the individual sounds of letters or phonemes and blending them together to read a word accurately.

Reinforcement of Blending Sounds at home: when encountering a challenging word for your child, have them pretend to hold a band between two hands.  They pull the band apart a bit with each sound in the word, stretching out their pretend band and the word.  When they have said each sound and the band is taut, they move their hands and the band quickly back together, with the band springing back to its original state. Verbal prompt: "Say each letter as you stretch them out, then put them together and say it fast."

January Newsletter & Calendar

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December Newsletter & Calendar

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November Newsletter & Calendar

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Grade 1/2 Math

Our class is currently working on the following outcome:

Say the number sequence, 0 to 100, by:

  • 1s forward and backward between any two given numbers
  • 2s to 20, forward starting at 0
  • 5s and 10s to 100, forward starting at 0.

The following website contains motivating online math activites for your child.  You will find activities that support our current learning outcome under the heading labeled N1.1.




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