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Math & Muffins Morning - Wednesday, October 19 8am - 8:45

This Week at Gladys McDonald School

The Upcoming Week At Gladys McDonald School:

Monday, October 17 Day 5

- Education Week 16-22 – “Celebrating Today – Preparing for Tomorrow”

-Welcome  Ms Terry Rostad, our new Admin Assistant! 

-Welcome Mrs Corina Wesdyk, our new Grade 3 teacher!

-Noon – Improv

-Grade 3 – CREATE session #2


Tuesday, October 18 Day 1

-7:45 Boys and Girls Volleyball practice

-Boys Volleyball vs Laval (away)


Wednesday, October 19 Day 2

-Math and Muffin Morning in the Math Zone!

-Retake Day

-Sinclair’s class to Gilmour’s

-Girls Volleyball at home vs Centennial


Thursday, October 20 Day 3

--7:45 Boys and Girls Volleyball practice

-Mrs. Viher's grade 4/5 all day fieldtrip - First Nations and the Settlers

-Grade 3 – CREATE Session #3


Friday, October 21 Day 4


-10:50 – Regina Chamber Players to perform for school

K and Grade 1/2 trip cancelled

We regret to inform families that Ms Kerster's Kindergarten and Ms Truong's Grade 1/2 field trip to Wascana Marsh for 

Tuesday, October 4, morning,

has been cancelled due to weather.

October at Gladys McDonald School

This Week at Gladys McDonald School

Monday, October 3 Day 2

-All QSP magazine orders are DUE


Tuesday, October 4 Day 3

-7:45 – Boys and Girls Volleyball practice

-Ms. Kerster’s Kindergarten and Ms. Truong’s Grade 1/2 class to Wascana Marsh

-Boys’ Volleyball game vs Mironuck


Wednesday, October 5 Day 4

-Ms. Moore’s Grade 2 Field trip to brown’s Coulee

- Regina Public Schools Director Greg Enion out to visit GMS 2-3:30

-Girls’ Volleyball game at Mironuck


Thursday, October 6 Day 5

-7:45 - Boys and Girls Volleyball practice

-Noon – Improv


Friday, October 7

Professional Development Day

No School for students


Monday, October 10

Thanksgiving Day Holiday


No School 

Orange Shirt Day Community Gallery










Gladys McDonald School on CBC Morning Edition

Orange Shirt Day in Regina has students reflecting on residential schools

Regina students honour residential school survivors with art

By Eman Bare, CBC News Posted: Sep 26, 2016 11:45 AM CT Last Updated: Sep 26, 2016 11:45 AM CT

(L-R) Grade eight students Jake Martin, Tyler Fox, and Ethan Rotariu show their art projects for Orange Shirt Day.

(L-R) Grade eight students Jake Martin, Tyler Fox, and Ethan Rotariu show their art projects for Orange Shirt Day.

Gladys McDonald students use street art to show what they learned about the legacy of residential schools6:49


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Students at Gladys McDonald School in Regina have spent the last few weeks learning about residential schools. 

This week, they'll be sharing what they learned with their community. 

Orange Shirt Day involves the kids making symbols to honour residential school survivors and posting them around their neighbourhood. 

Paula Viher is one of the teachers involved in organizing Orange Shirt Day at the elementary school. 

"These kids are growing into citizens that already have that empathy and awareness about them" said Viher. 

She had her students read a book about a little girl named Phyllis who wore an orange shirt to her residential school. Phyllis was stripped of this shirt when she got to school, and never saw it again. 

"I think because for them, they are in school and to think about that and to put themselves in Phyllis's shoes, the young girl that happened to, is very powerful," said Viher. 

Many of the students said that they had learned about residential schools in previous classes.

"Lots of children use to lose their lives in residential schools where the government and stuff were taking over and taking First Nations out of their home, bringing them to school and treating them very badly," said Rayan, a student in Grade 8. 


"I just feel sad and kind of like guilty almost because it never happened to us and all those other kids had to go through stuff like that that we will never have to go through. It's just really sad," said Tyler, another Grade 8 student.  

Viher said that students in today's classrooms are introduced to residential schools earlier on and she believes it's important for students to learn about all parts of Canada's history. 

Gladys McDonald School is located in Coronation Park. 



Empowering Healthy Youth

This Week at Gladys McDonald School

Monday, September 26 – Day 2

            -Please bring your spare change for our Terry Fox Walk this week

            -It’s the last week of our QSP magazine fundraiser!

Tuesday, September 27 – Day 3

            -7:45 – Boys and Girls Volleyball practice

            -Boys’ Volleyball at Laval

Wednesday, September 28 – Day 4

-Popcorn orders due

            -Girls’ Volleyball vs Laval at home

            -4:00 – 6:00pm – Cross Country Qualifiers at Final Meet

Thursday, September 29 – Day 5

            -7:45 – Boys and Girls Volleyball practice

            -10:45 – Assembly – Ms. Viher’s and Ms. Truong’s class leading

            -Noon – Improv

            -2:30 – Terry Fox walk

Friday, September 30 – Day 1

            -Orange Shirt Day – Please wear your orange shirt in recognition of residential school survivors

            - Mrs. Seymour’s class to Flying Creek all day

            -Grade 6/7 to tipi raising competition


            -Popcorn orders distributed at end of day

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